3rd April 2023
The new Standards Code by Impress becomes applicable from today

The new Standards Code by Impress which was released on 16th February, 2023 is now applicable for our members so they can serve the public with a greater sense of trust and accountability.

Our new Standards Code is adapted to the complex issues in the media and offers more nuanced benchmarks for evidenced and informed news.

Following the two years review of our editorial standards, the most important changes in the new Standards Code range from guidance on AI and emerging technologies to tougher measures on tackling misinformation and discrimination, and ensuring that publications are held accountable when the Code is breached.

Dimitris Akrivos, Lecturer in Criminology at University of Surrey, reflected on the Clause 4.3 of the new Standards Code in relation to trans-discriminatory reporting and said, ‘The new clause captures not only content which openly encourages people to commit acts of violence against a particular social group but also discourse that, among others, ‘perpetuates a narrative of prejudice […] that can result in fear or harm’ or uses ‘dehumanising language […], such as likening them to vermin, bacteria, pollution or aliens’ [Guidance notes paras 4.3.1(d) and (e)].’


About Impress 

Impress is a champion for news that can be trusted. We are here to make sure news providers can publish with integrity; and the public can engage in an ever-changing media landscape with confidence. We set the highest regulatory standards for news, offer education to help people make informed choices and provide resolution when disputes arise. 

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