22nd January 2024
The Impress Trustmark: Why You Should Look For it in the News

When you’re online, finding news you can comfortably trust can be a challenge.

Today’s news is tied up with and delivered alongside an infinite range of other media, both legitimate and illegitimate, verified and unverified. Recognising quality, trusted content as you scroll through your feed can be difficult when anyone is capable of publishing information online and social media platforms have been accused of doing little to ensure the integrity of factual information.

One thing you can look for, when wondering if you can trust what you read, is the Impress trustmark.

Here, we will run through what it represents, and how you can use it to verify the information or news that you’re reading, watching, or listening to.

What is the trustmark?

Impress regulation is verified as independent and effective by the Press Recognition Panel (PRP). The PRP is an independent panel founded by Royal Charter – in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry [LINK] – to oversee press regulation in the UK. Impress is the only organisation recognised by the PRP, meaning that it is the only press regulator to be approved as fully independent of private, commercial, or state interests.

After being verified as independent and effective by the PRP, Impress then verifies publishers that apply to join. We do this by looking at their editorial structures and making sure that they have an effective and easy-to-use complaints process.

Impress-recognised publishers are also part of the whistleblowing scheme Protect. This means that staff and contributors at that publisher are free and safe to hold their workplace to account if they believe that they are breaching ethical standards or carrying out harmful behaviours such as the phone-hacking scandal.

How can you use the Impress trustmark?

When you see the Impress trustmark, you can trust that:

  1. The publisher has volunteered to be held to account by the public and by an independent, external organisation.
  2. There are processes in place to ensure the integrity of that information.
  3. You can make a complaint through that publisher’s approved complaints policy, and if you feel unsatisfied with their response, you can take your complaint to Impress to make sure that a fair decision is made.

If a member of the public believes a publisher featuring the Impress trustmark is not meeting the Impress Standards Code, Impress can independently resolve the issue. We do this by giving both sides a voice, looking through all of the evidence, and deciding on an effective solution.

These processes, overseen by a verified independent regulator, mean that you can trust the Impress trustmark to protect the integrity of your news and information.

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