Standards / Initiated investigations
Investigation decisions
708/2024 – 5Pillars UK
Publications: 5 Pillars
Date investigation published: May 21, 2024
Relevant clauses: Discrimination 4.3 of the Impress Standards Code
Outcome:Breach of Clause 4.3

Executive Summary of Case

1.1. Concerns were raised via Twitter/X by a member of the public about a short 23-second video clip taken from an episode of a podcast called ‘Blood Brothers’ by 5Pillars UK (“the Publisher”). The episode, entitled Ethno-nationalism, western imperialism & the Zionist agenda, was first published in full on Rumble on 20 February 2024, with a preview also published to YouTube. The full episode was later added to the 5Pillars UK website (via embedded video) on 27 February 2024, with a duration of 2:10:45. The episode is an interview with Mark Collett, who the Publisher describes as ‘the controversial white ethno-nationalist and founder of the British far-right group Patriotic Alternative’. The episode has received 30.2K views on Rumble.

1.2.  Impress were alerted to the short video clip by ‘Harry’s Place’ (@hurryupharry), who posted the clip in accompaniment with the following text:

This is a Nazi speaking to an islamist saying the same thing the far left says. This podcast is by 5 Pillars UK a website regulated by @impress_org

1.3. The post which contained the clip has received significant attention from the public (approx. 33.6K views, 41 comments, 191 reposts and 349 likes)

1.4. Considering the growing social media attention surrounding the Tweet/X post by the individual raising concerns about the Publisher’s content in question, as well as the subject matter concerned, the decision was made to conduct an assessment of the content.

1.5. The preliminary assessment of the Executive was that the video clip appeared to engage the Clause 4.3 of the Standards Code and was within Impress’ regulatory remit to consider. In particular, the exchange between the two speakers, including the interviewer’s use of the question ‘Jews?’, appeared to suggest Jewish people are controlling forces behind both the Labour and Conservative parties. However, the Executive noted that the video clip only represented an excerpt from the full publication which would be subject to an investigation.

1.6.   A Regulatory Committee was then convened to consider whether the short video clip and any other footage from the full podcast episode were within Impress’ regulatory remit.

1.7. The Committee was further tasked with deciding whether there was sufficient evidence to justify commencement of an investigation into the publisher on Impress’ own initiative for potential breaches of the Code.

1.8. The Committee made a preliminary assessment of whether there was a case to answer in relation to the material considered. In making its assessment, the Committee did not conclude there had been a breach of the Code, only that certain material engaged the Code and might be considered to be in breach.

1.9. The Publisher was informed of the Committee’s decision to proceed with the investigation and provided with questions in relation to the substantive matters raised by Impress.

1.10. The reconvened Committee found that the Publisher had breached Clause 4.3 – Discrimination of the Impress Standards Code in relation to the material investigated.