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Our whistleblowing scheme

Contact our whistleblowing hotline run by Protect

If you work for a news publication and you believe your employer (editor, line manager or other person) is involved in wrongdoing or is encouraging you or others in your workplace to commit unethical or unlawful practices, and you want to report it confidentially, you can contact our whistleblowing hotline run by Protect on 0800 221 8548.

Someone ‘blows the whistle’ when they tell their employer, a regulator like Impress, the police, or a dedicated whistleblowing charity like Protect, about wrongdoing that they are aware of in their workplace.

Impress is committed to operating a whistleblowing scheme that ensures there is a positive whistleblowing or ‘speak up culture’ for journalists, editors and publishers.

Protect is open:

0800 221 8548

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday:
9:30am – 1pm & 2pm – 5:30pm

Wednesday & Friday:
9:30am – 1pm

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