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Request an Impress arbitration

If you wish to make a claim against a regulated publisher, you will need to make a request to use the Impress/CIArb Arbitration Scheme.

You can request an arbitration by completing the form below. Our arbitration scheme is designed to be simple and straightforward. Our staff will be able to assist you in making your application and providing guidance on the arbitration process. For more details, please read the Impress Arbitration Scheme in full.

What to include in your arbitration request:

  • Your full name and details
  • What area of law your claim relates to
  • What act or publication caused you harm, and the timeframe
  • The nature or extent of harm or financial loss suffered
  • What remedy you are seeking

You are also entitled to nominate an agent to act on your behalf; you may wish to seek independent legal advice, but it is not a requirement to make a request.

Before you make a request, you should first consider whether your claim is better suited to the Impress complaints and investigation schemes.

More details about how arbitration worksRequest an Impress arbitration

Request an arbitration

    Please note that Impress will not refer to arbitration matters where the cause of a claim is already subject to litigation

    If the claim relates to a publication, please specify any relevant words, phrases or any other aspects of the article(s) that have breached your civil rights.

    Types of evidence can include oral or written statements given by you or others

    E.g. award and/or direction of: damages; publisher displaying summary of the award; publisher not re-publishing the information or statement in respect of which the claim has been brought.