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Today's media landscape is rife with fake news and harmful content, while trustworthy news often struggles to be heard over the noise. We often read confusing headlines and find ourselves confused about what to trust, such as the following:

We need solutions that allow trustworthy news to thrive by tackling the heart of issues such as misinformation and disinformation. We need to champion news that can be trusted and empower the public to use the news with confidence and trust.

Media is a lens through which we understand and connect with the world. When we are informed by truthful content, our society and democracy stand to benefit, allowing us to collectively solve the multiple challenges of the 21st century.

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With your donation, you contribute to our regulatory work, promote news literacy, create ethical journalistic tools, launch educational initiatives, and support independent publishers – ensuring integrity in their work.

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Impress in action

Building on our research findings that emerged from extensive public engagement work with the Universities of Leeds and Derby in which we surveyed over 3000 members of the public, Impress published the Impress News Literacy Report: Lessons in building public confidence and trust. This report presented a comprehensive view of the public’s news consumption habits, their trust levels, and the challenges faced by the news industry. It also proposed solutions that called for greater collaboration between various stakeholders, including regulators and publishers, to improve and enhance news literacy.

The publication of the report was a significant milestone for Impress. It served as a valuable resource for external stakeholders, offering insights into the importance of independent regulation as a solution to low public trust in the news. This report not only informed Impress’s media literacy initiatives but also became a key advocacy tool for ethical journalism standards. 

To celebrate the launch of the ‘Impress News Literacy Report,’ Impress organised an online event on November 30, 2022. The event featured presentations from expert researchers and panel discussions involving regulated publishers and news literacy experts. This event brought together key players in the journalism industry to discuss how they could collectively work towards rebuilding public confidence and trust in journalism. 

The event was a success, fostering collaboration and dialogue among industry experts, publishers, and the public. It highlighted the commitment of various stakeholders to address the challenges faced by the news industry. By promoting transparency and education, Impress and its partners took a significant step towards creating a more trustworthy and informed news ecosystem. 

In these success stories, Impress demonstrated how research, collaboration, and proactive initiatives can make a profound impact on journalism and public trust. Through their dedication to rebuilding trust in journalism, Impress set an example of how organisations can drive positive change in the media. 

Impress has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering trust in journalism through its annual Trust in Journalism Conferences. These conferences have evolved into a vital platform for media professionals, experts, and practitioners to come together and address critical issues within the journalism field. 

The inaugural Trust in Journalism Conference in November 2018 marked the beginning of this transformative series of events. It highlighted Impress’s dedication to supporting trust in journalism, laying the foundation for meaningful discussions. 

The second Trust in Journalism Conference in November 2019 continued this tradition, attracting leading media professionals from the UK and around the world. The sessions featured valuable insights into the future of the independent news sector, its sustainability, and its democratic value. These discussions emphasised the pivotal role trust plays in journalism. 

In November 2020, Impress adapted to the changing times by hosting its third annual Trust in Journalism Conference virtually. This event facilitated discussions on the challenges and opportunities facing contemporary journalism, proving Impress’s ability to adapt and thrive in unprecedented times. 

These conferences have not only showcased Impress’s dedication to its core values but have also served as a catalyst for promoting trust in journalism. They have created spaces for dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among industry leaders. Impress remains committed to this annual tradition, using it as a vehicle to contribute to the ongoing evolution and improvement of journalism in the digital age. 

In a remarkable collaboration with the British Youth Council, Impress embarked on an engaging project in early December 2020, welcoming 12 young media advocates to its offices in Blackfriars. These advocates, aged 15 to 18, came together to contribute their valuable insights to the future of journalism standards and children’s media rights. 

Through a series of dynamic activities that explored their news consumption habits, perceptions of high-quality reporting, and trust indicators, these young advocates actively shaped a ‘gold’ standard set of rules for the press when reporting on young people. Their perspectives played a pivotal role in informing revisions to the Children’s clause of the Impress Standards Code. 

Following these workshops, the Impress Code Committee, armed with the input from these young advocates, embarked on drafting an updated Standards Code. This new code incorporated the issues and feedback gathered during the review process, ensuring that it reflects the dynamic and evolving landscape of journalism, especially concerning age and consent. 

This initiative stands as a testament to Impress’s commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness. It not only empowered young voices in shaping the future of journalism standards but also highlighted the importance of striking a balance between protecting young individuals from harm and upholding their right to free expression. By engaging with the future generation of media consumers and creators, Impress continues to demonstrate its dedication to fostering ethical and responsible journalism.