21st July 2022
Impress retains approved regulator standard

The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) confirmed today that Impress has retained its status as an approved regulator and continues to meet Royal Charter standards of independence, effectiveness and public accountability.

Impress Chair Richard Ayre said:

Headshot of Richard Ayre, Chair of Impress

“This confirmation gives the public assurance that as the press regulator recognised as truly independent, we are committed both to freedom of expression and to the highest ethical standards in press journalism.”

After completing a comprehensive review, the PRP Board concluded that Impress continues to comply with all 29 recognition criteria set out in the Royal-Charter on self-regulation of the press.

Being recognised according to these criteria guarantees that Impress is operating to protect both the freedom of the press and the public from harm. It confirms Impress remains independent of the publishers it regulates, politicians and commercial interests, is appropriately funded, is open to all publishers and provides the public with speedy and affordable access to redress.

Impress continues to be the UK’s only approved press regulator.


IMPRESS is an independent regulator, approved in law under the Royal Charter on self-regulation of the press. IMPRESS regulates 195+ publications in the UK, reaching 20% of the UK population each month. We provide publishers and journalists with the protection and support they need to do their job. We offer complaints adjudication, free arbitration, a comprehensive insurance scheme and a progressive Standards Code. We work in partnership with the public, publishers and key stakeholders to raise the standards of journalism.