30th June 2023
Impress issues statement after IPSO releases complaints verdict on Jeremy Clarkson and The Sun

Impress has released a statement after IPSO published its complaints verdict regarding The Sun's Jeremy Clarkson column on Meghan Markle

IPSO’s decision to uphold complaints regarding Jeremy Clarkson’s derogatory remarks about Meghan Markle (published in The Sun) is a welcome one, but one that has come far too late.

Any positive impact this decision could have had on the standards of their regulated publication has now been lost in the six months it has taken to reach this verdict.

The comments made by Mr Clarkson have been allowed to soak into the public consciousness.

Complaints made regarding serious cases, centred on discrimination and abuse, must be investigated robustly and efficiently to ensure any negative impact on the public is limited.

This is another example of industry self-regulation simply not working. The Impress model allows complaints to be handled and processed within six weeks, ensuring clarity for complainants, publishers and the public.

It is an approach that must be adopted wholesale if we are to change the culture of the press and build industry trust with the public.

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