9th April 2024
Impress Issues Apology For Service Standard Failure

Impress issues apology for service standard failure

This statement acknowledges an Impress service standard failure in the matter of the complaint investigation 669/2023 Vanessa Boon and Derby News.

At the end of its investigation Impress issued an adjudication to the publisher and the complainant. Impress then received further representations from the publisher in light of which Impress modified the proposed remedy.

Prior to publication, Impress then failed to provide the complainant with an opportunity to respond to the proposed final adjudication, despite a substantive change to the remedy. To rectify this procedural unfairness, Impress provided the complainant with a further opportunity to respond, and considered the publisher and complainant representations in the round to reach its final decision on the remedy and directions.

This procedural irregularity gave rise to false impressions for both parties as to the final outcome and remedy required. Impress apologises unreservedly for this and we will review our internal processes to ensure they accord with best practice.

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Louie Chandler: louie@impressreg.org.uk / 02033076778

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