20th June 2024
If You Care About The Economy, You Should Care About How It’s Reported
Whether you are worried about taxes or minimum wage, many people are desperate to know more about the economy.  Well, you should consider whether what you are reading is actually accurate.

But, given how important money issues are to people’s lives, we should all care more about how the economy is reported by the media. Let us explain.

Over the years, we have seen political claims relating to tax rises, strikes for pay rises or inflation repeated in publications and on TV despite being debunked by fact checkers.

Whether you see them in print, online, on TV or even on social media, more often than not, the information you are reading will be there because a journalist has reported on it.

But there is no law requiring news to be accurate or regulated.

Sometimes misleading news is printed deliberately to score political points. Sometimes it is a result of overstretched newsrooms rushing to compete with each other to publish quickly instead of accurately.

You deserve accurate information on crime. Truly independent press regulators like Impress require publishers to ensure accuracy and make them accountable if they print misleading information.

We also want regulated publishers to receive better support so that they can focus on quality not quantity when they are reporting on crime.

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About Impress 

Impress is a champion for news that can be trusted. We are here to make sure news providers can publish with integrity; and the public can engage in an ever-changing media landscape with confidence. We set the highest regulatory standards for news, offer education to help people make informed choices and provide resolution when disputes arise. 

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