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Proactive cover for disputes in the media
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Support to de-risk, reduce costs and maintain relationships during litigation

For organisations at risk for damage to their brand, bottom line or commercial relationships from disputes in the public arena, Impress RiskResolvr+ is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) package that de-risks litigation. Unlike going to court, which is expensive, time-consuming, high-risk and acrimonious, Impress RiskResolvr+ ensures both supplier and customer retention, compliance with information legislation, and predictable outcomes with predictably low costs.

ADR, also known as Out-of-Court procedures, is a way of settling disagreements or legal disputes without entering a courtroom. With a flexibility that reflects the fast-paced media industry, ADR is fast becoming the favoured method to resolve terms-of-service disagreements, civil disputes and potentially damaging vexatious claims.

Handling each case individually through the courts can be damaging due to:

  • High legal costs, as well as the inability to recover fees or be granted sufficient compensation in damages, even if the case is found in your favour.
  • Risk of reputational or brand trust damage in the public eye through mishandled crisis communications or extended waits for trial.
  • Inability to satisfactorily handle and investigate complaints, resulting in customer attrition or relationship breakdown with employees, customers or partners.
  • Strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) and the exhaustion of resources by spurious or vexatious litigation.
  • Non-compliance fees, should you be subject to information and online harms legislation.
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Why choose Impress RiskResolvr+?
Quick resolution

Resolve disagreements quickly! Agreements or judgements can be reached within a week to a few months, depending on the case and your requirements.

Predictable costs

Reach a settlement at a fraction of the cost of court. Package requirements can be tailored and fees charged monthly or annually.

Avoid legal intimidation

Deter any legal action intended to harass, intimidate, or exhaust financial and psychological resources (including SLAPPs) and improper use of the legal system to force outcomes.

Non-acrimonious process

Repair and maintain relationships with suppliers, partners, employees and creatives using a process designed for a fair and practical resolution, instead of a zero-sum outcome like court.

Discreet settlements

Choose between a formal published judgment, or resolving the dispute privately, outside the glare of the public eye.

Expert support

Benefit from independent third-party arbitrators and mediators who are leading experts in their fields (including terms of service disagreements and all media law).

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What does Impress RiskResolvr+ include?

Packages can be tailored according to your individual requirements and will include:

  • Resolution of any civil disputes, using our tried and tested out-of-court procedures.
  • Review of current dispute setup, followed by guidance to improve and de-risk your process.
  • Implementation of policies, procedures, and compliance requirements.
  • Training of relevant stakeholders in responding to a dispute (including crisis response with the communications team).
  • Support for in-house legal, management and compliance teams to update internal contracts, customer terms of service agreements and public-facing policies (including compliance with relevant legislation).
  • Dedicated support hours for guidance on how to approach potential disputes and avoid escalation into public crises.
  • Case management, filing, letters and final outcome reports.
  • Bi-annual reporting, including review of process and recommendations for cost-cutting and streamlining.

Should you wish to ensure you are not at risk for costly litigation, non-compliance penalties, breakdown in commercial relationships or damage to brand trust that could endanger customer loyalty, this service is for you.

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We have delivered the first and only recognised arbitration awards for UK news publishers.

Since our founding in 2016, Impress has operated the UK’s only recognised low-cost arbitration service for media organisations and members of the public. Our scheme was recognised in 2016 and confirmed once again in 2019 and 2022 by the Royal Charter Board, and the Press Recognition Panel. We are a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) and are fully independent from funders, media organisations, and government bodies alike. 

We handle hundreds of media-related queries, complaints and investigations every year. Some we resolve via our expert regulation team, others through mediation and private, out-of-court settlement procedures like arbitration. We are committed to upholding ethical practices in the media and are well-versed in handling vexatious and intimidatory claims (including SLAPPs). Each member of our panels has been specifically selected for their expertise in media law and civil disputes and every arbitrator is a member of CIArb, the UK’s largest non-profit arbitration body. 

For those who face financial or reputational risk from a legal dispute, Impress ensures quick, affordable, discreet results, at a fraction of the cost of going to court. 

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How Alternative Dispute Resolution works

Using polls and surveys in your journalism

Impress arbitration

Arbitration involves the appointment of an independent third party who considers all facts before issuing a judgment, which is legally binding and enforceable through the courts.

As an alternative to litigation, arbitration provides a fair, impartial, cost-effective path to restitution where serious harm or loss has been proved.

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Impress mediation

Mediation involves the appointment of an independent third party who facilitates dialogue between parties, which allows them to reach a private settlement via mutual agreement.

As an alternative to litigation, mediation serves to preserve the relationship between parties, while providing a rapid, cost-effective route to a fair settlement.

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