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Risk Assessment Workbook
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Whether it’s copyright challenges, privacy concerns, or HR intricacies, our 24-hour risk assessment checklist is your first step toward identifying and prioritising actions to safeguard your operations and corporate image.

At Impress, we embrace identifying and prioritising areas of concern and learning what steps to take to get ahead of legal disputes. By adopting proactive dispute resolution strategies, conflicts can be managed and resolved before they escalate, safeguarding operations, reputation, brand trust and often the bottom line. This approach helps manage current disputes and anticipate and prevent potential conflicts.

The Risk Management Guide is the first step to optimum cover for disputes. Ultimately, you want to mitigate risk, ensure both supplier and customer retention, compliance with information legislation, and predictable outcomes with predictably low costs. This is why Impress has designed RiskResolvr+, with five levels of de-risk solutions, that allow you to choose the best option for you.

Get your free workbook to assessing risk levels and implementing an effective dispute resolution strategy. We cover:

  • Risk assessment (Contractual risks, Brand risks, Compliance risks)
  • Cost of risk
  • ADR vs going to court
  • Risk mitigation and more.

Ultimately, you want to resolve a dispute as fast as possible. Besides avoiding the cost, time and risk of legal proceedings in court, choosing Impress Resolvr also means choosing a path of integrity, fairness and efficiency

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