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Resolution Readiness Checklist
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Received a lawyer’s letter? Or has someone taken issue with something you’ve said or done, and are threatening you with court unless you comply with their demands?

At Impress, we understand the confusion this can cause. You are not alone. Individuals and organisations are constantly under threat for different kinds of media-related disagreements and we help hundreds of complainants every year to navigate a confusing process and achieve an outcome that makes sense for them.

The first crucial step is to assess the situation comprehensively and formulate a detailed action plan to ensure all stakeholders are informed promptly and accurately. During such high-stress periods, it is vital to address every action item meticulously to avoid potential issues later on. Go through our checklist so that we can get down to the business of helping you. Our team of experts will give you confidential advice on resolving a dispute and can deliver quick, discreet settlements at a fraction of the cost of going to court.

The Resolution Readiness Checklist is here to guide you. It covers:

  • Unpacking the case
  • Decoding the lawyer's letter
  • Selecting a solution
  • Preparation to seek resolution
  • Ensuring effective communication and more.

Ultimately, you want to resolve a dispute as fast as possible. Besides avoiding the cost, time and risk of legal proceedings in court, choosing Impress Resolvr also means choosing a path of integrity, fairness and efficiency

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