Is Impress Resolvr for me?

Our speedy, affordable dispute resolution offered under Resolvr is open to anyone with a disagreement. We have significant experience in media law and the media industry, and can resolve claims for:

  • Journalists, content creators & influencers
  • Artists & creative collectives
  • Employees, contractors & freelancers in the media space
  • Publishers, broadcasters, agencies, ISPs, and music or film production companies
  • People or organisations with an online presence
  • Business owners
  • And more!

The service can be used to resolve any type of disagreement, legal or otherwise. It is well-suited to any civil claim that involves commercial or contractual disputes, and can be tailored for specific aspects of media law like defamation, malicious falsehood, copyright infringement, misuse of private information, harassment etc.

The 30-minute consultation is for anyone who is under threat of litigation or who needs advice on their dispute.

It consists of:
✅ Condensed case review
✅ Assessment of pre-action notifications (or relevant lawyer’s letter)
✅ Facilitated position appraisal and desired outcome analysis.

Free and no-obligation

Impress is independent from the media, government, and all corporate entities. We have no vested interest in the outcome of your dispute, besides supporting ethical resolution.

We are a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). Your session is subsidised by our core grant funding and forms part of our ongoing investment into building a trusted information ecosystem, where everyone has the opportunity to find redress.

Impress has delivered the first and only (three) recognised arbitration awards for UK news publishers and the public.

Speak to us today and get fair, practical support to avoid a crisis.