About us / Who we are
Vision and mission

Our vision

Our vision is for an empowered public to have access to a trusted and resilient information ecosystem.

News providers

should have access to robust systems and processes that enable them to publish accurate information.

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The public

should have the means to think critically about, participate in, and shape the news.

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Supporters of democracy

should have the tools to rebuild public trust in its institutions including, a free and independent press.

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Our mission

The roadmap to our vision.

Championing trusted sources of information

Promoting accountability and redress where necessary

Ensuring the viability of news that can be trusted.

Delivering news education initiatives

Raising awareness so that the public can make informed news choices

Our purpose

Why do we care?

While technological advances threaten the integrity of our information spaces, public trust in news is at a historic low.

We champion free expression by safeguarding the highest standards of news. Impress works in partnership with the public, civil society, and experts. Together, we can guide news down a more ethical and responsible path.

With our purpose-driven approach at Impress, we want to make a lasting impact on the ways news is made and published. We are committed to creating a more informed, transparent, and trustworthy information environment that benefits everyone.