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Impress is a champion for news that can be trusted.

We are here to make sure news providers can publish with integrity; and the public can engage in an ever-changing media landscape with confidence.

We set the highest regulatory standards for news, offer education to help people make informed choices, and provide resolution when disputes arise.   

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News is changing

News is changing fast. New waves of content creators and media networks have permanently altered the way information is delivered, read and shared, giving the public ever-greater choice.

Promoting confidence

At Impress, we’re leading the charge to make sure that standards remain high, promoting confidence in news so the sector can thrive.

Supporting and empowering

We do this through the regulatory role we provide for our members, with our Standards Code supporting and inspiring excellence in publishing.

Our education programmes empower the public to make informed decisions about news, while we’re also here to resolve disagreements and handle complaints when it’s needed.


We have been working on these core pillars since our foundation in 2015, but the rate of change is only getting faster.  This is why we have republished our Standards Code in 2023 and why we are committed to further reviews in the future.

Our regulatory role

Our role as a press regulator sits at the heart of what we do.  We are the UK’s only press regulator approved by the Press Recognition Panel (PRP) which acts under Royal Charter for the self-regulation of the press.

We are entirely independent of the Government, business or private interests. The regulatory principles we follow are set out in our Standards Code and wider guidance.

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Impress membership includes access to regulatory services and resources tailor-made for the needs of modern, independent news providers and content creators.

What’s more, membership starts from just £50 per year!

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Partner with us

Through our partnerships we hope to create an environment of growth, learning and positive change in the sector that facilitates well-informed, insightful news content.

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