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Our regulatory scheme

Learn more about the building blocks of our regulatory scheme for news publishers.

The Impress Regulatory Scheme underpins Impress’ services for news providers and the public.

As a framework, the scheme outlines Impress’ responsibilities as a regulator. Our members agree to the principles in the scheme, which we uphold with independence and fairness.

The scheme binds our members to meeting public standards of accountability in their work. It is made up of nine key components and outlines Impress’ core regulatory functions and powers.

In our member directory, you will find details of the publishers who are regulated by Impress and who have voluntarily agreed to the regulatory oversight mechanisms outlined in the Regulatory Scheme.

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The Standards Code

Impress requires publishers to uphold and adhere to the Impress Standards Code and use it in their assessment of complaints.

Complaints handling by publishers

Regulated publishers are required to maintain adequate and speedy in-house complaints procedures.

Internal governance requirements

Impress regulated publishers are required to adhere to governance requirements, such as displaying the Impress trustmark and publicising the Impress whistleblowing hotline to staff and contributors.


Impress may investigate potential Standards Code breaches or breaches of internal governance requirements, in response to a complaint or on our own initiative.

Complaints handling by Impress

If a complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint to a publisher, or the publisher has failed to respond, the complainant may escalate their complaint to Impress.

Sanctions and remedies

As a result of an investigation (whether following a complaint or otherwise), Impress may impose appropriate and proportionate sanctions on a regulated publisher, including financial sanctions.


Impress offers an arbitration scheme to settle civil claims between a claimant and a regulated publisher for defamation, breach of confidence, misuse of private information, malicious falsehood, harassment, or breach of The Data Protection Act.

Advisory notice requests

At the request of affected parties or representatives of affected parties, Impress may issue an Advisory Notice to its publishers to give warning or advice about avoiding unwelcome press intrusion.

Compliance records

Impress requires publishers to maintain a record of all complaints received and publishes an annual report which includes details of all complaints received by regulated publishers and by Impress.

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