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As a part of IMPRESS’s current regulatory membership scheme, our publishers enjoy several benefits including protection from legal costs, standards advice, membership resources and affordable fees.

We are looking to partner with like-minded organisations to expand our membership offerings by providing our publishers with an array of industry relevant services to enable them to build a brand based on high journalistic standards, accountability, and public trust.

Through our partnerships we hope to create an environment of growth, learning and positive change in the sector that facilitates responsible, factual and considered journalism. We are keen to hear from potential partners who see value in this approach.

Meet Impress' partners

Global Cyber Alliance

The Global Cyber Alliance provides news publishers across the world with practical advice concerning cysbersecurity. It’s cybersecurity toolkit for journalists supports publishers to implement secure systems to manage the confidentiality of sources, as well as additional data protection obligations in line with Impress Standards Code requirements.

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“The Global Cyber Alliance is delighted to partner with Impress to provide a wide range of news publishers across the United Kingdom with effective cybersecurity tools and resources. By protecting journalists online, we also further enhance the availability of high-quality, trustworthy information for all.” 

– Terry Wilson, Global Partnership Director at the Global Cyber Alliance.

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Talk to us about exploring a potential partnership – drop us a line at partnerships@impressreg.org.uk or alternatively, send us a message via the form below: