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Our mission

Publish with integrity

Impress is a champion for news that can be trusted.

New forms of media are continually coming to the fore and across the board there is a problem: public trust in the news sits at a historic low. At Impress, we’re committed to changing this. We work to ensure that our members can publish with integrity; so that the public can engage with confidence in an ever-changing media landscape.

We’re a dynamic organisation that is passionate about increasing transparency in the sector through education, and promoting good journalism across print, digital and social channels. Above all, we want the media to thrive.

We regulate

We operate a recognised scheme of independent press regulation, that works in the public interest to protect freedom of expression, individual rights and public safety.

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We educate

We provide training and education for publishers and the public around media literacy and best practice for publishing.

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We resolve

We offer expert, speedy and impartial resolution of complaints and legal disputes between media and digital services providers, content creators, service users and the general public.

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News publisher? Join us today.

Impress membership includes access to regulatory services and resources tailor-made for the needs of modern, independent news providers and content creators.

What’s more, membership starts from just £50 per year!

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Partner with us.

Through our partnerships we hope to create an environment of growth, learning and positive change in the sector that facilitates well-informed, insightful news content.

Share our vision? We’d love to hear from you. 

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