1st November 2022
Impress publishes 2021-22 Annual Report and debuts new branding

Impress has today published its 2021-22 Annual Report, marking another year of significant growth with Impress-regulated publications now collectively reaching 20 million readers each month and an audience of over 9.5 million across social media.

In the year spanning April 2021 to March 2022, Impress demonstrated its commitment to proactively upholding journalism standards by using the full scope of its regulatory remit to conduct and conclude 2 self-initiated standards investigations into regulated publishers. This year more than 85 organisations and individuals also participated in our Code Review process to update the Impress Standards Code to ensure that it remains fit for purpose for the future of journalism.

Following a thorough cyclical review by the Press Recognition Panel, Impress also retained its status as the UK’s only Royal-Charter approved press regulator.

Richard Ayre, Chair of Impress, said:

Headshot of Richard Ayre, Chair of Impress

“Impress continues to grow its reach because more and more publishers – whatever their editorial opinions – want to commit to truthful journalism and more and more consumers want news they can trust.”

This report also offers a first taste of new branding that we will be introducing over the next six months to support our long-term strategy to broaden Impress’ appeal, expand our services and grow our membership. Building on media literacy research, Impress will have a renewed focus on education, knowledge and training resources, and on expanding and improving our dispute resolution services, to provide access to justice for both publishers and the public.

Ed Procter, CEO of Impress, said:

Headshot of Ed Procter, Impress CEO

“Our ambition is to develop a broader regulatory platform that enables people to make informed media choices and inspires publishers, journalists and other content creators to produce high quality information, we can all trust.  This modern, engaging new look is the first step in the future direction of Impress.”


About Impress

Impress is an independent press regulator, knowledge and resolution centre, pioneering a better, more accountable future for news. Our purpose is to enable people to make informed media choices and inspire publishers, journalists, and other content creators to produce high quality information, we can all trust. Impress regulates 200+ news publications under the only recognised scheme of independent press regulation in the UK.

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