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The highest standards of international reporting by The Code.

  • For journalists, The Code helps in supporting and ensuring high quality, independent public interest journalism whilst protecting freedom of
  • The Code protects the public from unethical news practices whilst ensuring trustworthy news content.
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The Regulatory Scheme that underpins Impress’ services for news providers and the public.

  • Our regulatory scheme is made up of 9 key components and outlines Impress’ core regulatory functions and powers, with independence and
  • Impress-regulated members agree to the regulatory oversight mechanisms outlined in our Regulatory Scheme.
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Become a part of the Impress Network with 200+ publications.

  • Join a network of over 200 publications who have committed to producing trustworthy news content.
  • Impress membership provides a verified trustmark that assures your audience that your content can be trusted. Impress provides regular advice and support on ethical reporting, exclusive resources and protection from legal costs.
  • You can become a member from just £50 per year.
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Resolving disagreements and handling complaints.

  • As a publisher, Impress provides escalated complaints handling services to our regulated members, along with guidance and support in setting up your own internal complaints process.
  • If you believe an Impress-regulated member has breached The Code, we provide support and guidance in making a complaint. If you are not satisfied with their response, we can investigate your complaint independently.
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Settle disputes of civil claims with Impress’ Arbitration Scheme.

  • Impress offers an arbitration service for bringing legal claims against publishers, as an alternative to going to court.
  • Instead of a judge, an independent arbitrator makes a ruling, and decides what actions are needed to resolve the case.
  • At Impress, arbitrators are appointed by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the leading non-profit body in the field of arbitration.
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A diverse range of communities and interests, enabling publishers, journalists and content creators to connect while benefitting from expert regulatory services, resources and support.

Access our arbitration scheme

Protection from legal costs through our arbitration and dispute resolution schemes.

Display the Impress trustmark

Our members can display our trustmark as a mark of best practice.

Standards advice service

Personalised advice on business practice, ethics and Impress standards from our specialist staff.

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About Prospect

I took an active role in giving evidence to inform the Leveson Inquiry. Having decided that we should be regulated, it made sense to join the regulator that most closely matched what Leveson recommended.

Prospect has established itself as a must-read title with key figures in government, journalism, policy making and business. Prospect, Britain’s leading current affairs monthly magazine, an independent and eclectic forum for writing and thinking—in print and online.

Alan Rusbridger

About Migrant Women Press

Being an Impress regulated member means that we are following these best practices, publishing with integrity, and thinking about providing content that is in the public interest.

Migrant Women Press is a migrant women-led, independent media platform that discusses migration through migrant women’s lenses and investigate how the intersections of race, gender, class, nationality, and disability impact women’s experiences in a new country.

Juliana Da Penha
Migrant Women Press

About Opus Independents

Impress is present and not a distant regulator. It is valuable that their engagement with members helps to advance quality journalism for independent practitioners.

Their magazine ‘Now Then’, established in 2008, amplifies unheard and marginalised voices, while we also encourage ‘active citizenship’, community participation and a do-it-yourself approach to making things better.

Tchiyiwe Chihana
Opus Independents

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Join us in our mission to create a news ecosystem grounded in accuracy, transparency, and accountability.

Your support is instrumental in enabling Impress to fulfil its mission of rebuilding trust in journalism and fortifying democracy. With your donation, you contribute to our regulatory work, promote news literacy, create ethical journalistic tools, launch educational initiatives, and support independent publishers – ensuring integrity in their work.

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